One of the keys to smart connected platform is information. We help professionals to collaborate better and get the most out of the available information, by optimizing distribution and visualization of all kinds of data through new generations of sensor networks, Big Data analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT). IoT will impact every industry as intelligent devices and sensors, including many non-smart objects, begin to send and receive data, offering a rich repository of operational and customer insights. In this way, SMARTEC’s smart solutions help to eliminate complexity and bring clarity into a world of chaos in a large number of markets, including Factory, Smart City, Energy, Argriculture.



Delivering innovative and effective design means embracing challenges, listening to the market and always evolving our expertise to stay one step ahead. Smartec provides best in class M&E construction management and complete services including:

  • Lighting Plots/Schemes
  • Fire Detection
  • Air Conditiononing
  • Consultant design lighting solution inside the house.
  • CCTV design & security consultancy
  • Consulting and implementing the UPS system
  • Main cabinets & distribution cabinets
  • Consultant - design - construction of solar power system for household or office.


Smartec self performs M&E services on our projects and as a subcontractor to third party construction contractors throughout the heavy industrial, commercial, institutional and manufacturing sectors including:

  • Building control systems.
  • Facade engineering (such as building shading requirements).
  • Fire safety, detection and protection.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).
  • Information and communications technology (ICT) networks.
  • Lighting (natural and artificial).
  • Lightning protection.
  • Refrigeration.
  • Security and alarm systems.
  • Water, drainage and plumbing (including sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS)).
  • Carbon emissions calculations and reduction.


SMARTEC performs all aspects of Electronics Design, including hardware and software device solutions, across industries ranging from consumer electronics to industrial automation and data acquisition. We use the combination of engineering excellence, best practices in project management to design electronic products that are environmentally sensitive and sustainable for generations to come. Our strong focus on Electronics Design and connectivity solutions, has led to help understand the unique electronic design challenges in a variety of sectors.

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