One of the keys to smart connected platform is information. We help professionals to collaborate better and get the most out of the available information, by optimizing distribution and visualization of all kinds of data through new generations of sensor networks, Big Data analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT). IoT will impact every industry as intelligent devices and sensors, including many non-smart objects, begin to send and receive data, offering a rich repository of operational and customer insights. In this way, SMARTEC’s smart solutions help to eliminate complexity and bring clarity into a world of chaos in a large number of markets, including Factory, Smart City, Energy, Argriculture.

How S.C.P – Street light works?

Street light

Street light is combined with wireless controller and attached with some kind of sensors according to application (collecting and sending data to server and software management system)


S.C.P - street light application gives operators remote access and advanced functionality, including the ability to dim street lights and control their runtime by scheduling them to switch on/off as conditions warrant.


Cost savings - Decrease city spending on energy

Operators can cut energy and reduce public lighting energy consumption while ensuring quality lighting for residents.

Proactive maintenance

S.C.P – street light management software also provides predictive information, alerting operators to lamps approaching end-of-life, so replacements can be scheduled proactively.

Remote monitoring and management
S.C.P - street light management software gives operators visibility into street light operations as well as control over dimming and on/off schedules, reducing the need to run lamps for long periods, etc

Extend operators’ network

S.C.P creates a foundation for other smart services in the future as well as other value. It also supports the convenience for traffic management, bus operation management, weather sensor, and so on in the future.

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